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Millie B - Soph Aspin Send

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  • Длительность: 02:17
  • Дата релиза: 3-08-2022, 00:23
Millie B - Soph Aspin Send
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Текст песни Millie B - Soph Aspin Send
If you dont know me Im M to the B
Coming in hard, youd better watch it Sophie
You think youre the only girl doing grime
M to the B says step in line
Coming in hard, with my bars
Sophie Aspin is about to get parred
Read your bars off your iPhone 4
I dont do that shit, I do it hardcore
Got murked by Little T
Now youre getting murked by me
You shagged bare lads, youre a little sket
Have you heard your bars, theyre f*cking pep
F*cking pep yeah thats what they are
Now listen carefully to my sick bars
They scream my name like yar yar yar
Sophie yeah, youre a little whore
Looking at your face, what the f*cks your contour
Do you want me to lend you a blender
Im being serious, Im not trying to offend you
Sophie yeah, you should stick to singing
Cause when you spit my ears are ringing
How can you shag bare lads
Is your fanny not stinging
I bet your fannys f*cking minging
Sort out your manky Scouse brow
M to the B is coming at you with a row
Youre enough to turn all lads camp

We all know, the best MC
Its M to the B, its M to the B
Its M M M M M to the B
Its M to the B, its M to the B
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